ZNT Property Services is a local landscaping, hardscaping and outdoor services contractor company offering installation, repair and
replacement services for improvement projects to residential and light commercial property owners in the southern Twin Cities area.

Sodding and Turf Laying Services

One of the first things anyone sees when they visit your home is your lawn. Laying new sod can be the starting point for a great lawn. You need to make sure that your sod is laid and installed properly and professionally to ensure its growth and development is strong. At ZNT Property Services, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to lay new sod properly and professionally for the southern Twin Cities metro area.

When your lawn is thinning, drying out and dying, there's two methods you can choose from to revitalize your lawn and outdoor environment. The first of which is Reseeding/Overseeding, in which you spread new seed across your existing lawn. That requires strict watering, fertilization and its growth and development can easily be disrupted by storms and high winds.  Other services like dethatching and core aeration can also be used in an attempt to heal a dying lawn and yard.

The second of which is laying new sod entirely. Laying new sod gives instant results and is a relatively fast process. It still requires strict watering and proper fertilization, but the worry of weather and natural factors harming your new sod is greatly reduced!

More goes into keeping an attractive and good looking property than just the grass.  Rock gardens and mulch gardens, repairing or building retaining walls, and house pressure washing will ensure your entire landscape looks the best it can. To see how we can help you with your property's next Landscaping, Hardscaping or Outdoor Services project, Contact ZNT Property Services today!