ZNT Property Services is a local landscaping, hardscaping and outdoor services contractor company offering installation, repair and
replacement services for improvement projects to residential and light commercial property owners in the southern Twin Cities area.

Landscape & Mulch Edging Services

Plastic and stone landscape edging options for lawns, yards, gardens, and more from ZNT Property Services.When enhancing your landscaping with edging, there's an array of choices available. Plastic edging stands out as a cost-effective and simple option. It effortlessly delineates borders between your lawn, gardens, or pathways and requires minimal time for installation.

Alternatively, incorporating landscaping bullet pavers, blocks, or other hardscape materials offers another option for creating precise and neat edges within your landscaping. We offer installation of edging crafted from a diverse range of materials to accommodate various needs.

These clearly defined borders, facilitated by Landscape Edging, impart a polished appearance and enhance spatial clarity to your lawn and gardens. Using such borders to distinguish between mulch or rock gardens and your lawn aids in containing these materials within their designated areas, preventing them from encroaching onto your yard. Additionally, it streamlines trimming tasks and simplifies lawn mowing processes. Want to learn more about how ZNT Property Services can keep your landscape organized with Landscape Edging? Contact Us or Request a Quote today!